2022 Exhibitions

January 28-March 3 2022   CURRENT STUDENT WORKS SHOW / Ani Garabedian, Juror 

It was a pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to view so many pieces and such talent from the BBAC.  The breadth of skill and dedication displayed in the submissions was impressive and made the jurying process challenging.  I left feeling inspired by all who entered.  Because of the large number of exceptional works, I had difficult decisions to make.  The diverse work that was chosen for the exhibition demonstrates innovation and knowledge of formal techniques and processes.  Also displayed is a clear passion for making and expression.  Congratulations to all students and their teachers, especially for pushing through such a challenging year and still clearly producing such strong work.” ~ Ani Garabedian, Juror

This annual, favorite exhibit features artwork in a variety of media by BBAC adult students – more than 180 pieces. Here is a sampling (click each image for larger view). CLICK HERE for more images & awards.

Delight by Maureen Bolton

Coil Built Vase by Kathleen Connolly

Rufus by Susan Jacobs

Bronze Canyon by Gary Tolman

CLICK HERE for more images & complete list of artists in the exhibit.

Images by Annie VanGelderen

March 11-April 21 2022

Christine WelchNature of Things

“Our connection to nature is what guides and advances the cycle of my work. To understand our connection with the natural world I examine our internal imagery. Similarities of design, form and function are revealed by peeling away surfaces, inspecting interiors and comparing structures. I see the depth of natural beauty when fusing the human figure with natural forms; magnified, reduced, disassembled, and rebuilt. Using translucent mylar I simulate a skin or sheath enclosing natures beauty in the human form, while revealing subtle images of the natural world casting through the surface. By utilizing all sides of a two-dimensional medium, I can work the surfaces until a visual body of evidence is revealed. This exploration of our connection with nature exposes the notion that we are just one of nature’s many integral components, while we sustain our own unique design.” ~ Christine Welch


Hive I by Christine Welch

Wasp nest paper, honeycomb nest & foil

Hive III by Christine Welch

Wasp nest paper, copy on mylar

Hive IV by Christine Welch

Wasp nest paper, honeycomb nest & foil

Vincent CastagnacciCastagnacci: Quarry Echoes & Wanderings 

Vincent Castagnacci has lectured and published consistently in this country, in Rome at L’Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica and at the Gebaudelehre, Technische Universitat in Vienna. Castagnacci has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions both in Michigan and abroad. Castagnacci’s abstract work in painting, printmaking and drawing has been centered in the principle of variational development. His work articulates a personal geometry and communicates a strong sense for tectonic values. 

placeholder by Vincent Castagnacci 


Gloucester: summer 97 by Vincent Castagnacci


Rome III.25.80-20.VII.12 by Vincent Castagnacci


Clara NultyAftermath

Clara Nulty is an artist and educator based in Colorado. She holds an MFA in Painting from the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, MI and a BA in Studio Arts from Carleton College in Northfield, MN. She has shown at galleries across the states including Colorado, New York, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Michigan. Recently, she has exhibited at Ortega y Gasset Projects in Brooklyn, NY and the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Smith House in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

“These paintings bear moments of joy, grief, boredom, fear, anxiety, love, all of which have been sealed and buried beneath the surface. I am inspired by how mundane objects can trigger emotions or memories. One sensation can unearth multiple layers of experience and narrative. I build these paintings as manufactured palimpsests: altered surfaces which bear visible traces of an earlier form. My materials include pencil writing, erasing, pen drawing, found papers (legal, personal, or sentimental), pastes, adhesives, and burns, which are ultimately sealed beneath coats of watercolor and gouache. fascinating. After two years of shared global pandemic-related trauma, this bridge of emotional experience is more noticeable than ever. This collection of paintings represents the Aftermath of my own musings at the intersections of my personal and our shared emotional realities.”

Don’t Spend Your Birthday at the Branch by Clara Nulty

Watercolor, gouache, personal papers, adhesive, absorbent ground on stretched paper 

Sent by Clara Nulty

Watercolor, gouache, ink on stretched paper

Lost (detail) by Clara Nulty

Watercolor on stretched paper

Students of Anatoliy Shapiro

May 6-June 2 2022

Many VoicesThe Fine Art of Craft 

A multidisciplinary exhibit showcasing artists who are masters in their genre.  All work deeply and intimately with their materials producing their own creative forms of expression.  

It’s ok to be blue too by Kathrine Allen 


Quarantena.A by Lynne Avadenka


Life in the Time by Karen Baldner


Floating Island by Danielle Bodine


Puppet Master by Sandra Cardew


At Home by Candace Compton Pappas


Nathan Grubich


Christine Hagedorn


Shroud by Sharon Harper


Woven Wall by Carole Harris


Amanda St. Hilaire


Under Armor by Sherry Moore


Finding #355 by Russ Orlando


Canberra Table by Cory Robinson


Attic by Dylan Strzynski


LT Chair by Colin Tury

Taylor Mazer More Drawing in Ink

Taylor Mazer is an award-winning freelance illustrator/artist. He began his career as a working artist prior to graduating from Kendall College of Art and Design in 2012 with a BFA in illustration. Mazer’s fine art and illustrations have been exhibited and published nationally with clients such as ABC studios, Manifest Gallery, BLUECANVAS Magazine, Jacob’s Creek, and Visbeen Architects. 

Another Chimney by Taylor Mazer

Chimney at Midday by Taylor Mazer

Chimney Demolition (detail) by Taylor Mazer

And Another Chimney (detail) by Taylor Mazer 

Students of Marat Paransky

Family by Laura Earle

Self Portrait With Fossil by Garth Glazier

Chambers by Susan Kwolek

Amuse-Bouche by Christa McDonald

Protect What You Have by Antonia Oakley

(Im)Migration by Steffanie L. Samuels 


Opening June 17th, 5-7pm

crepuscular by Jess Zilla

Juried by Marina Pacini

View the entire exhibit online – click here

August 26-November 3 2022

Sabrina NelsonI Had A Prayin’ Grandmother

Birmingham Society of Women Painters Expanding Our Views

For more than fifty years, the Birmingham Society of Women Painters has brought together artists of merit to further their shared interests. The BSWP is today a dynamic organization of 50 artists working in diverse media. A commitment to the highest standards in creative expression and art education links the generations of BSWP members. 

Deborah EydeMarrow

Orange Crush by Deborah Eyde

Encaustic by Deborah Eyde

With You by Deborah Eyde

Students of Andrea Tama