MFAC Exhibiting Artists

Congratulations to the following artists whose artwork (as listed) has been juried in to this year’s Michigan Fine Arts Competition.

Juried by Marina Pacini.

Marina Pacini retired as Chief Curator and Curator of American, Modern, and Contemporary Art in 2019 after 18 years at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. Among the exhibitions she organized are Marisol: Sculptures and Works on Paper (2014), which travelled to El Museo del Barrio in New York, and was accompanied by a catalog co-published by Yale University Press; Red Grooms: Traveling Correspondent (2016, with catalog); Photographs from the Memphis World, 1949-1964 (2008, with catalog); and The Soul of a City: Memphis Collects African American Art (2012). Before joining the Brooks, she was director of the Clough Hanson Gallery at Rhodes College, Memphis, for 7 years; taught at the University of Memphis; and for 7 years was project director for the Philadelphia Project, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, where she began developing her focus on women artists and artists of color. Additionally, she has served on the board of the Association of Art Museum Curators and was board president of the UrbanArt Commission, Memphis.

“I want to congratulate all the artists who applied for the 41st year of the Michigan Fine Arts Competition. My job was made difficult by the quality and breadth of the submissions. I appreciated the wide variety of media and styles and the depth of the talent and craftsmanship, which is reflected in the selected artists,” said Pacini. 


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Baker, Barbara – Attitude

$100 Blick Art Materials Award 


Bell, Jan – An Abandoned Life


Bemis, Judith – Cabbage



Beras, Robert – Dream 45

$1,000 MFAC Award


Bergren, Deborah – The Road to Loch Maree


Best, Robbie – Affirmation


Bloomfield, Russell – Curlers


Brown, Alan – Dali Soft Clocks and Faces of War


Cheal, Pat – Cold Picnic


Christie, Ev – Butch I


Christie, Ev – Wet Specimen


Christopher, Colleen – Quiet Presence


Cohen, Julie – The Azorean Women in the Hood


Cross, Erika – Squiggle Zen


Doe, Paula – Solar System


Eisenbraun, Patty – The Clown


Ellsworth, Lori – I can see clearly


Filarski, Jan – Light and Airy


Furnaris, Anne – The Cycle of the Sun III

$250 MFAC Award


Gaber, Barbara Pinkster


Gelick, Jeffrey – landscape A


Graning, Ken – Marin County


Guetschow, Marcia – The Glade

$2,000 MFAC Award



Hamilton, Lawrence – Main Street


Hansen, Kelly – Life Cycle

$100 Blick Art Materials Award 


Hauptman, Steven – Wallace Roney


Haylett, Christina – The Shape Of Things

$250 Corinne Maillard Robinson Award


Hershman, Claudia – Alone Together (Contemplation)


Himburg, Chris – Modern Campeche Chair


Whitesides Host, Laura – Morroccan Medina


Houseman, Glenn – Foliage Tunnel with Street


Izard, Laurel – Knight of Cups


Jaques, Aleea – Harlequin Nights


Juncker, Paulette – Vessel


Kautz, Alexander – Critical


Keils, Lauren – Jinx in Mauve Stockings


Kelly, Heather – Bittersweet


Kroll, Jennifer – Jagged


LaFerle, Douglas – Wellington Radar


Lancour, Hiroko – Paper Sashiko#15


Lee, Rosemary – Hindsight


Lee, Rosemary – Where Birds Would Sit


Liddle-Lameti, Martha – As Above-So Below.


Linnemann, Rachel – Gratitude Pie


Lisuk, Daniel – Requiem Aeternam


Majewski, Sue – Grosse Pointe War Memorial


Malone, Douglas – Convocation 3


Mann, Valerie – The New Normal


Mann, Valerie – Lamentations

$250 BBAC President’s Award


Matchett, Ian – Jazz


Matlen, Terry – All I Wanted was a Pet Pony


Matlen, Terry – Sigmund’s Last Painting

$500 MFAC Award


McElroy, Douglas – via Miraleste – House of a Friend


Mersmann, Armin – Cross Roads


Michalowski, Mercedes – The Grand Hotel


Miller, John – The Back Door


Painter-Jones, Joan – colorful cart


Peterson, Bruce – ByCycle


Richard, Jesse – Into the Wild


Rosseau, Gwenn – Bour Pier



Ruehle, Philip – Phantom Limbs


Schahfer, Bill – Dog Tags of US Soldiers Killed in Viet Nam War


Schlesinger, Jaye – Valet Loading

$300 Blick Art Materials Award 


Scott, Darcy – Flight Fantasies


Seltzer, MJ – The Huntress


Shirrell, Matthew – Untitled (Rookery)


Steed, Sandra – Directions


Tapper, Steven – Reeds Reflecting


Tazian, Kegham – Majestic Woman


Wait, Virginia – White Oak


Ward, Scott – Washington Monument


Wedge, Kathryn – Thai and Indonesia


Wilkins, Anne – Outlet


Zausmer, Martha – The Time of the COVID


Zausmer, Martha – Don’t Shoot


Zdeb, Larry – ILLUSION

Zeiss, Rebecca – Solace IV (from Seeking Solace)


Zilla, Jes – crepuscular