About the BBAC

Celebrating Art For All Since 1957

At the BBAC in 2017, art mattered to:

  • 1,900 adults & youth taking classes
  • 1,500 people who looked at exhibits
  • 810 children who enjoyed free art activities at community events
  • 501 participants in Sundays @ the Center & Seniors @ the Center, low-cost monthly drop-in workshops
  • 288 Alzheimer’s or dementia patients along with their caregivers participating in Meet Me @ the BBAC
  • Hundreds of artists who earn a living by teaching &/or selling their work in exhibits &/or the Gallery Shop/Holiday Shop
  • 131 BBAC adult students juried in to the annual student exhibition
  • 93 Michigan artists juried in to the BBAC’s Michigan Fine Arts Competition
  • 75 students at the BBAC’s adopted McDowell Middle School in Detroit, experiencing art classes for the first time in five years with a BBAC instructor & weekly programs
  • 64 high school students juried in to the 2016 BBAC Regional High School Art Competition
  • 45 children in Planet Lori Art Camp, designed for kids who have a parent or close relative with cancer
  • 42 cognitively challenged adults from human service organizations like JARC & Friendship Club who attended special art classes
  • 34 high school students who are members of the BBAC’s Teen Arts Board (TAB)
  • 32 high school art students from underserved schools in Detroit, Southfield, Oak Park & Waterford who spent the year with free classes, portfolio mentoring & college preparatory guidance
  • 30 high school students in the 2016 BBAC Regional High School Art Competition who were awarded more than $150,000 in college scholarships from eight schools
  • 12 cognitively challenged adults from Angels’ Place group homes who enjoyed 16 art class sessions & celebrated with 85 friends & family members who attended their 1-night exhibit
  • 8 teens with behavior issues from Children’s Village who attended bi-weekly art workshops
  • 5 fulltime & 11 part-time staff members 

About the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center


The Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, founded in 1957, serves the Detroit region’s visual arts community. Our mission is “to connect people of all ages and abilities with visual arts education, exhibition, and other creative experiences.”  We do this by offering classes, exhibits, workshops, camps, and events to the public.  Our exhibits are always free and open to the public. Also, scholarships are available for adults or youth classes.  Nearly 6,000 individuals from Southeast Michigan benefit from art opportunities every year.  Whether  through art-looking and discussion or learning a new skill in drawing, painting, sculpture, jewelry/metalsmithing, printmaking, ceramics and fiber arts, the BBAC promotes the creative process.

Our support of artists includes not only exhibitions, but also retail space that facilitates partnerships with local artists.  Our Gallery Shop, open year-round, hosts over 75 artists.  During the month of December, the BBAC hosts the annual Holiday Shop.  Participation well exceeds 100 artists throughout the region.

Finally, BBAC outreach programs, ArtAccess, provide authentic art experiences for those with limited access and varied challenges. For example, people with physical limitations due to age; cognitive disabilities; or geographic restrictions are likely program participants.

The BBAC has been place-making for decades.  With three generations of artists, students, and art-lovers, our facility is called “home” by many. We are proud of the diverse mix of ages, nationalities, and religions that come from more than 100 Michigan cities. The number and variety of classes, exhibitions, and events also serve regional artists and draw regional audiences.

girls with art middle aged woman cute at wheel man sculpting - small teen making collage - small mom and son on 2nd sunday teen at easel 6 boy making art woman drawing seavitt - small ArtBridge girls at drawing father & son
IMAGES: Eileen Harned Photography; Susan Owens; Gwenn Rosseau

Vision Statement: Art for All

Mission Statement: The BBAC connects people of all ages and abilities with visual arts education, exhibitions, and other creative experiences.

The BBAC is grateful to the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs for their support.

Click here for the DataArts report on the BBAC’s last three fiscal years.