2021 Current Student Works Competition

This annual, juried exhibition showcases & celebrates the BBAC’s adult students & their instructors.

“CONGRATULATIONS to all those who entered this show of great variety, meaning and beauty.

“With so many entries, I tried to be very thoughtful about criteria I use in looking at each of your works. IMPACT (presentation ) —what draws me in to look more carefully at the formal elements that carry the intention or concept— that is whether acrylic, oil or mixed media—realistic or abstract; composition, balance, range of value relationships as well as spatial relationships and, of course, craftsmanship, in the expressive processes are all part of my considerations when looking at each work.

“When looking at the variety of ceramics, jewelry, and textiles I look for inventiveness and craftsmanship as well.”

Claudia Shepard, Juror

Following are the students & title of work juried in to the 2021 exhibit.

NOTE: Work not juried in must be picked up Jan. 22 & 23 [Fri & Sat, 10AM – 4PM]

The exhibit runs Jan. 29 – Mar. 4 (there is no opening reception)

Ashraf, Nina  /  My Time

Ashraf, Nina  /  Still Blooming

Basse, Pnina  /  “Magnolia House” in S.C.

Bayson, Barbara  /  The road to Central America

Bayson, Barbara  /  Untitled

Benson, Karen  /  Denim Boxes

Benson, Karen  /  Sprouts

Berman, Judy  /  Pain in the Coil

Bohlman, Diane  /  Jar Set

Bohlman, Diane  /  Vase Set

Bolton, Maureen  /  Summer

Boyer, Jacki  /  In the Course of Time

Brazeau, Sarah  /  Shark tooth drawer pull

Brazeau, Sarah  /  Turtle Homage

Brodbeck, Sue  /  Harber Springs Garden

Broderick, Wendi  /  Sea Torn

Brown, Janice  /  Spring in Wonderland

Bunea, Rosemary  /  Sunset on Deer Lake

Cairns, Diane  /  Hucklace Wrap

Cairns, Diane  /  Snowflakes Scarf

Campbell, Bruce  /  The Lake

Censoni, Donna  /  Runway

Chambers, Carol A.  /  Anticipation

Coats, Betsy  /  Old Splendor

Coats, Betsy  /  Tulip Time

Conyers, Krista  /  Perfect Imperfection Collection Formally Known As Death Star

Deahl-Coy, Lin  /  The Terror of Refugees

Denes, Shelly  /  Alexander Calder Pin

Denes, Shelly  /  SS Harry Bertoia Bracelet

DeVore, Carol  /  Patchwork

Dononovan, Chizuko  /  Spring Come

Doolin, Marcia  /  “Belle Isle, Detroit – Model Yacht Practice”

Doolin, Marcia  /  “Dietro – Front, Do we look forward or do we look back?”

Douse-Angileri, Julie  /  607 Bates, circa 1865

Douse-Angileri, Julie  /  Old World Village

Eddie, Nicole  /  Copper Enameled Dish

Eddie, Nicole  /  Textured Copper Dish

Epstein, Barbara  /  Woodlore

Fieger, Keenie  /  Aidan

Filarski, Jan  /  Spun Sugar

Finnicum, William  /  Fold-Formed Vessel

Fiorello, Susan  /  Storm

Galperin, Jodi  /  Nature Walk

Galperin, Jodi  /  On the Frontier

Galperin, Marlene  /  Into the Woods

Galperin, Marlene  /  Jordan’s Vase

Geissbuhler, Heidi  /  Lucy

Glover, Barbara  /  Beginnings

Glover, Barbara  /  Houghton Wetlands

Goldstein, Sidney  /  Good Morning

Gordon, Nancy  /  ’til I was 8

Gordon, Nancy  /  Extra-ordinary People

Greenberg, Robin  /  Spring Flowers

Grow, Kevin  /  Afternoon on the Nile

Grow, Kevin  /  Holding On

Grunert, Edward  /  What’s Next?

Guzman, Anne  /  Saral

Guzman, Anne  /  Tres Lilium

Hadley, Eve  /  Karma

Harris, Lisa C.  /  Untitled

Harris, Lisa C.  /  Untitled

Hartunian, Susan  /  Salvia or Meadow Sage

Hartunian, Susan  /  Spring Blooms

Haylett, Christina  /  Peacemaker

Hyman, Carone  /  Inspired Reflections

Jacobs, Susan  /  Forsythia

Kahan, Ilene  /  Back in the Saddle Abstract #14

Kahan, Ilene  /  I Love My Life…

Kilgore, Bud (Louis)  /  Seasons

Kosins, Kathy  /  Queen of the Castle

Kossak, Maria  /  Moscow bit necklace chainmaille with quatrafoil pendant

Kossak, Maria  /  SS Earings with chrome diopside and citrine bezel set stones

Kytasta, Luba  /  Before Halloween

LaGrasso, Cheri  /  Hollow Rim Dish

Lakian, Lisa  /  Untitled

Lalwani, Narendra  /  Life in the desert

Levran, Joy  /  Vogue

Li, Yuan  /  Boatman I

Li, Yuan  /  Boatman II

MacLean, Brant  /  Edinborough Nocturne

MacLean, Brant  /  Mississippi Nocturne

Maki, Ron  /  Five Dancers in the Light

Malinowski, Louise  /  My new favorite necklace

Malinowski, Louise  /  Persephone Bracelet

Marcotte, Maria  /  Kensington Morning

Marinelli, Lilly  /  Nested in Nature #2

Marinelli, Lilly  /  Serenity

Marsalese, Anthony  /  Untitled I

May, Tammy  /  Spring

McCarthy, Patty  /  Self-Portrait

McFadden, Ann Marie  /  Blue Moon

McFadden, Ann Marie  /  Shannies Dream

Mindell, Judi  /  The Old City

Moffitt, Ron  /  Clinton River

Moffitt, Ron  /  Telegraph and 13 Mile

Monroe, Hermina V.  /  By the River, inspired by the work of Louis Aston Knight

Morris, Jerry  /  Luminare

Morris, Jerry  /  Necklace

Muth, Lynne  /  The Doctrine of Discovery

Neville, Kate  /  Wallflower

Olson, Kristine  /  A Ripple in Time

Olson, Kristine  /  The Look

Outen, Nancy  /  My Mother’s Peonies

Outen, Nancy  /  Splash Landing

Parker, Amy  /  The Other Side of the Bay

Parkllan, Lynn  /  Flow Gently

Pennell, Susan  /  Feast Upon

Pennell, Susan  /  Golden Day

Ragon, Sondra  /  Orange Harvest

Ragon, Sondra  /  The Cat

Ray, Al  /  Lifting Off

Ray, Al  /  The Bridge

Redwine, Jordan  /  Untitled

Remer, Jacqueline  /  Looking for Comfort

Remer, Jacqueline  /  Moving Paint

Root, Valerie  /  Pink Magnolias #4

Rubin, Steve  /  Vivid

Santacreu, Margy  /  Blue Midnight

Santacreu, Margy  /  Crooked Pear Jar

Schahfer, Bill  /  Speckled Blue Vase

Scott, Paddy  /  Snap Bang Boom

Sergie, Maha  /  Sonata

Sergie, Maha  /  Then and Now

Sherburn, Cynthia J.  /  Suitable for Wearing with Orange Necklace Collection

Shiener, Karen  /  Lemons and Pears

Shlom, Susan  /  The Diva

Sinanis, Stylianos  /  Still Life

Skaar, Kathleen  /  Buddha Girl

Southwood, Jennifer  /  Mich meets Cali

Spiegel, Susanne  /  A Fading Time

Spiegel, Susanne  /  Michigan Landscape

Stanczak, Lisa  /  Two Peas in a Pod

Tapper, Patti  /  Peonies

Tapper, Patti  /  Vision of a Summer Day

Tapper, Steven  /  Untitled

Tapper, Steven  /  Untitled

Taylor, Virgil  /  Untitled

Taylor, Virgil  /  Untitled

Timlin, Lynette  /  Lost in the Woods

Tolia, Vasu  /  Celestial

Tolman, Gary  /  Ball Ring

Tolman, Gary  /  The Curve Pendant

Toms, Sharon L.  /  A Quiet Refuge

Trombley, Chris  /  Life is Returning

Trombley, Chris  /  Perched Above Flower Hill

Tsai, Yi-Ju (Melody)  /  Moon Bowl

Vandamme, Cindy  /  Apple Study

Vergeldt, Vicki  /  Cut River Source

Vick, Carol  /  Cirumstances

Vick, Carol  /  Journey

Vlasic, Helen  /  The Flower Dress

Walker, Cat  /  Kingfisher

Walker, Rita  /  Untitled I

Weinberger, Kaye  /  Sunday Brunch

Weiner, Margo  /  Still Life with Oranges

Wesley, Richard  /  Infinity

Widener, Cheryl B.  /  Sand Soliloquy

Williams, Lisa  /  Girl with Horse

Winnick, Wendy  /  Gossiping Cacti

Wolok, Fran  /  Evening Stream

Wroldsen, Jennifer  /  Freer

Wu, Andrew  /  Untitled – 5 Piece Black Slip Set


Eligibility – Open to students, 18 years and older, who have been enrolled in at least one adult BBAC class since SPRING 2019. The following are NOT eligible: studio rentals, open studios, independent groups or faculty. This exhibition is celebrating the work of our students & their instructors.

Entries – All media are eligible. Limit: two submissions per entrant. Work must be current and reflect experience from a class enrolled in the last calendar year. Work previously exhibited at the BBAC will not be eligible, including work shown in class shows. All entries must be prepared in a professional manner and ready for installation. Applications must be legible & complete (if not, the entry may be declared ineligible). Prices will not be changed once show is installed. The maximum value or price of a work of art may not exceed $10,000. The BBAC reserves the right to reject unprepared entries.

Fees & Sales – The entry fee is $10.00 per student. A 45% commission is charged on all exhibition sales.

All work must be labeled on the back with the artist’s name and phone number; for 3D work, put this information on a separate piece of paper or 3” x 5” card. (Artwork not labeled may be disqualified.)
Individual entry forms (see next page) must be completed for each submission [do not attach the application to the art].
2D WORK MUST BE PROPERLY WIRED FOR HANGING! (For instructions on wiring, stop in the office for a flyer, or consult with your instructor.)
Work will not be accepted prior to the intake dates.

Liability – Every precaution will be taken to assure the protection of entries. Liability for works left after the pick-up dates will not be assumed by the BBAC. **Work not collected on pick-up dates will incur a $10.00/day storage fee.**

Monetary awards
BBAC tuition certificate
Gift Cards
Eva Briggs Award: $1,000 – awarded for the best 36”x36” abstract painting.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware of the following dates and times

Jan. 18 & 19 [Mon & Tues] Intake: Robinson Gallery [10:00 AM – 4:00 PM]

Jan. 20 [Wed] Jury

Jan. 22 [Fri] Results posted at BBArtCenter.org

Jan. 22 & 23 [Fri & Sat] Pick up work not juried in [10:00 AM – 4:00 PM] **

Jan. 29 – Mar. 4 [Thurs] Exhibition

March 5 [Fri] Pick-up [10:00 AM – 4:00 PM]

March 6 [Sat] Pick-up [10:00 AM – 4:00 PM] **

**Work not collected on pick-up dates will incur a $10.00/day storage fee

You may print & complete this form below or click here to download & print.