Brian Rutenberg: Pine, Palm & River

Through April 22

All images: © Brian Rutenberg, courtesy of Forum Gallery, New York NY

Corsair – oil on linen; 60 x 82 inches – $40,000

Estuary – oil on linen; 52 x 68 inches – $32,000

Finder 3 – oil on paper; 22.5 x 30 inches – $8,000

Green River – oil on linen, 63 x 160 inches – $75,000

Little Gale 2 – oil on linen; 22 x 16 inches – $8,500 SOLD

Looming Pine 3 – oil on paper; 30 x 22.5 inches – $8,000 SOLD

Point of Pond – oil on linen; 60 x 83 inches – $40,000

Shoreline – oil on linen; 44 x 62 inches – $28,000

The Fading 8 – oil on linen; 79 x 56 inches – $35,000

Interested in purchasing? Contact Annie VanGelderen, BBAC President & CEO, 248.644.0866 x 108 or

Every spring during childhood, my mother placed a crystal bowl of water on my bedside table in which floated three pink camellia blossoms cut from a bush in our front yard. At night, I’d lie on my pillow, watching them slowly spin and bump into each other until my eyelids betrayed me. They would still be spinning when I awoke. Looking is gathering information, but seeing is contemplation. My mother was teaching me how to see. She created the conditions for an experience that had no intrinsic meaning whatsoever, yet it filled me with a rage to live. Paintings aren’t created; they’re made. Oil paint is crushed rock mixed with liquefied fat and smeared on cloth. All of the content sits on the tip of the brush because there isn’t room there for anything else. Painting enacts place.

My heartfelt thanks to Annie VanGelderen, Andrea Tama, Leslie Masters, and all of my good friends at BBAC and the local community for their enduring belief in my work and for the honor of exhibiting in the BBAC gallery.

-Brian Rutenberg