2020 BBAC Current Student Works Competition

Congratulations to these artists appearing in this year’s exhibition!

Grace Serra, juror

The exhibit ran January 24-February 27.


Aidroos, Yusuf – Valley Community

Anderson, Bonnie – Reliquary For My Mother’s Thimble (above); BBAC METALS DEPARTMENT AWARD

Appledorn Littrup, Martha – Wild Imaginations I

Appledorn Littrup, Martha – Wild Imaginations II (above); CR HILL AWARD

Baenziger, Audrey – Floats in Pink

Bali, Satish – Mid-Morning at Brenner Pass

Bayson, Barbara – Worms of the World (above); TAMA ACRYLIC AWARD

Benson, Marjie – Cedar (above); BBAC President’s Award I

Benson, Karen – Lace Triptych

Benson, Karen – Mom’s Book of Gloves

Berman, Judy – Corn Slab

Bloomberg, Mickey – Circles of Treasures

Bloomberg, Mickey – Circles Necklace

Bolton, Maureen – The Path

Bolton, Maureen – Summer (above)

Boothe, Dusty – The Tree (above)

Boyer, Jacki – Book of Secrets

Boyer, Jacki – Knight at the Museum

Brazeau, Sarah – Reverence

Brazeau, Sarah – Homage

Brown, Janice – Sea Turtle Joy

Buckner, Elizabeth – Stacked 3 (above)

Cairns, Diane – Pillow (above)

Campbell, Bruce – Spring Hill

Carson-McHale, Barbara – Late Summer Sunset (above); MILLERS ARTIST SUPPLIES AWARD

Caruso, Clancy – Sterling Silver Pendant and Necklace (above); CR HILL AWARD

Catalano, Mary – Succulent Wall (above)

Chambers, Carol – Jeune Femme en Fleurs (Young Woman in Flowers)

Chinsky, Eva – Reflective Contemplation

Coats, Betsy – Still Standing

Coats, Betsy – Serenity (above); SHAPIRO REALISM AWARD

Connery, Tom – Gourd with Stripes

Connolly, Kathleen – Amsterdam

Conyers, Krista – Flint Water Crisis

Conyers, Krista – Perfect Imperfection- Death Star

D’Angelo, Lisa – Reflective Strokes (above); SHAPIRO REALISM AWARD

Deahl, Lin – A Dark Day for Pandas

Dean, Rebecca – Trio of Vases (above); ROVIN CERAMICS AWARD

Dean, Rebecca – Trio of Sea Life

Denys, Bob – Shirley (above)

Dillon, Bill – The Cardinal (or fix the damn roads) (above); TAMA ACRYLIC AWARD

Dishell, Elissa – The Prosecutor (above)

Donovan, Chizuko – La Romia I

Donovan, Chizuko – La Romia II

Doolin, Marcia – Honeymoon 1955 (above)

Duce, Anthony R. – New Face

Duce, Anthony R. – Morning Gown

Earle, Laura – Killer Rabbit

Earle, Laura – Eastern Market FirehosesMILLERS ARTIST SUPPLIES AWARD

Eddie, Nicole – Textured Earrings

Elliott, Kira – Up in the Jack Pine

Elliott, Kira – Upwards Toward the Ice Storm

Epstein, Mary Jay – The Machine

Evanzia, Gregorio – I Still Believe (above)

Fieger, Keenie – Tropical Garden

Fieger, Keenie – Still Life Reflections

Foles, Clyde – Elizabeth and Her Oklahome Boots

Forrest, Susan – Untitled

Galperin, Marlene – Convolution

Galperin, Marlene – Groovy

Geissbuhler, Heidi – In the Woods with Maizy and George

Gleason, Jane – Enameled Copper Ribbon with Gold Foil

Gleason, Jane – Cloissone Enamel Heart on Sterling Silver

Goldmacher, Bonnie – Pendant Necklace

Goldstein, Sid – Landscape 2

Gordon, Nancy – The Black Hat

Gorelick, Arlene – Pendant with Champleve Enamel (above); MARCIA BOEHM MEMORIAL AWARD

Gorlin, Mary Ann – Autumn Heat (above)

Greene, Maggie – Under the Big Top

Hassenrick, Susan – Botanical with Sea and Sky

Haylett, Christina – Untitled (above); BLICK ART MATERIALS AWARD

Hines, Dave – Symmetry

Hines, Dave – Asymmetry

Ho, Jocelyn – Value

Johnson, Kathy – Thinking, Tangling Shadows – Pablo Neruda

Kahan, Ilene – Abstract #13

Kilgore, Bud (Louis) – Beyond the Blue Horizon

Kock, Ellen – China Doll

Kossak, Maria – Dancing Stars Necklace

Kossak, Maria – Earrings

Kramer, Margaret – Anaconda

Kramer, Margaret – Sun Down

La Grasso, Cheri – Candy Dish

La Grasso, Cheri – Pitcher

Lamson, Debbie Orthner – Come Back Soon

Lengel, Helen – Loop de Loop

Levran, Joy – Optimism (above); EVA BRIGGS AWARD

Li, Yuan – Crossing

Liberman, Andrea – Pillow with Painted Warp

Liberman, Andrea – Multi Yarn Shawl (above); MICHIGAN WEAVERS GUILD AWARD

Lorfel, Ron – Untitled

MacLean, Brant – Rosedale Nocturne IV (above); SHAPIRO REALISM AWARD

Malinowski, Louise – Graduated Byzantine Necklace

Malinowski, Louise – Lemonite Pendant

Marcotte, Maria – Florida Construction

Marinelli, Lilly – Twisted Twins

Marinelli, Lilly – Two Face Pendant

Maxson, Barbara – Up in Smoke

McCarthy, Patricia – The Bear

McCarthy, Patricia – Cousins Onboard (above)

McFadden, Ann Marie – Under the Sea

McFadden, Ann Marie – Leland Michigan Serenity Bracelet

Melton, Audra – Crabapple Blossoms

Mindell, Judi – Cat on Velvet

Mitchick, Jennifer – Iskra

Moffitt, Ron – Pontiac 4

Moffitt, Ron – Pontiac 3 (above)

Monet, Claudia – Suspended in Time

Monson, Judie – On the Way

Morris, Jerry – For Lynn

Morris, Jerry – Wall Sculpture

Moskowitz, Jan Ellen – Squeetus 

Murray, Pamela – Day of Rest

Neville, Kate – Tuesday’s Harvest

O’Brien, Terri – Aoibheall, My Little Celtic Goddess

Oermann, Kim – Jim on Green

Oneil, Jane DeMarsh – A Walk in the Park

Outen, Nancy A. – Mill Creek

Outen, Nancy A. – Shalda Creek

Palmer, Alison – Direction Pendant

Parker, Amy – She Watches Over Us

Parkllan, Lynn – Catching Light

Parsons, Sally – Chengdu Panda with Bamboo

Pennell, Susan – Plant Therapy

Ragon, Sondra J. – Time to Wake Up!

Ragon, Sondra J. – Ragon’s Barn (above); BBAC EXHIBITION DIRECTOR’S AWARD

Rhodes, Roselyn – Wandering Line, (above); MARTHA JO RUTHERFORD MEMORIAL AWARD

Rhodes, Roselyn – Mardi Gras

Rubin, Steve – (My Oh My!)

Ruth, R. Jean – Dancing Man

Ruzzin, Jeanne – Tawas City Stroll (above)

Santacreu, Margy – Untitled (above)

Schaden, Veronica – Ngorongoro Center

Schahfer, Bill – Brown Bowl

Schahfer, Bill – Raku Bowl

Scherer, Priscilla – Ancient Jar (above)

Scherer, Priscilla – Patchwork Bowl

Schiebold, Patricia – Rhododendron Bud

Schneider, Mary – Untitled Bowl (above); RUNYAN POTTERY SUPPLY AWARD

Schneider, Mary – Untitled Bowl

Schwarz-Seim, Minna – Nature Walk (above); RIO GRANDE AWARD

Schwarz-Seim, Minna – Spelunk

Scott, Paddy – Beyond the Beach

Sergie, Maha – Spring

Sherburn, Cynthia J. – Byzantine Pearls (above); ARMSTRONG TOOLS AWARD

Sherburn, Cynthia J. – Ruby Love

Shiener, Karen – West Bloomfield Nature Preserve in Early Fall

Shirley, Natalie – Permit

Shlom, Susan – Icy Dusk

Shlom, Susan – Deeply Grateful (above); BIRMINGHAM SOCIETY OF WOMEN PAINTERS AWARD

Shomo, Diane – Autumn Beauty

Shomo, Diane – Dark Waters

Sjobring, Jessica – Summer (above); BBAC PRESIDENT’S AWARD II

Skaar, Kathleen – Trio

Skaar, Kathleen – Deco Links

Sobel, Audrey – Henry’s Nightmare

Sobel, Audrey – October Bracelet

Southwood, Jennifer – Untitled

Spiegel, Susanne – A Triptych: Pastoral Scenes

Spiegel, Susanne – Distracted Balance

Stanczak, Lisa – Goose Girl

Stobbs, Beth – Coneflowers

Stobbs, Beth – Skeletal Bend

Tapper, Steven – Untitled

Taylor, Steve – Untitled

Taylor, Susie – Pearl Love

Taylor, Susie – Swinger

Timlin, Lynette M. – Bridal Lace

Toms, Sharon L. – Untitled

Torner, Charles – Buoys of Bar Harbor, No. 1

Trombley, Chris – On the Way to Jones Beach (above); BBAC TUITION AWARD

Trombley, Chris – Growing Wild and Free

Tyszka, Ruth – Lavender Garden

Vanderwerp, Susan – Botanical with Sea and Sky (above); BLICK ART MATERIALS AWARD

Vick, Carol – 1927 (above); BLICK ART MATERIALS AWARD

Vick, Carol – Whispers

Vlasic, Helen – Woman in Green (above)

Vlasic, Robert T. – Jacob Wrestles with God

Von Loesecke, Isabel – Tante Erika

Walker, Cat – Quarton Lake

Walton, Birgitte – Large Speckled Bowl

Walton, Birgitte – Blue-Green Tea Set (above)

Wang, Yu Huan – Moon Vase

Weinberger, Kaye – On Golden Pond

Weiner, Margo – The Path Taken

Weiner, Margo – Halcyonic

Widener, Cheryl B. – Escape

Williams, Lisa – Lawrence Farm (above)

Zheng, Lulu – i Sea

Zonca, Paul – Bird of Paradise