Art Challenge Creations

Fall Photo Art Challenge

Fall colors peak in southeast Michigan this week and next. Capture the beauty of the season through photography…

These beautiful shots submitted by:

Fran Levin (the two above)

Olga Kazora (the three above)

Raya Goldenberg (the two above)

Homage to the Apple

By Reid Weaver, age 14

By Nancy Hirsch, watercolor, 18″ x 24″

By Corrine Zimmerman, colored pencil

By Debra Groth

Creative Brew – Tea bag challenge

Mono-printed teabags woven with assorted papers, dictionary pages, bits of watercolors. Then sewn onto canvas.
By Debra Groth

Color Challenge

Hanging Out to Dry by Barbara Eisenberg

Pounded Botanical Prints

Folded Book Art – Upcycle a book into a piece of art! 

Barbara Eisenberg – made from a magazine

This book-art , while not “folded,” is a great piece by Barbara Dorchen – & another example of creating with old books.

Go on an adventure through your own backyard & observe the natural elements that exist right outside your door. Explore & collect objects from the environment to create your own site-specific Land Sculpture.

Mini-Campground by Zoe S., age 11

Cynthia Wayne

Courtney Maunz

Marcy Klein

Barbara Eisenberg