2024 MFAC Exhibiting Artists

Congratulations to the following artists whose artwork (as listed) has been juried in to this year’s Michigan Fine Arts Competition.

Juried by Danette Dufilho

Danette Dufilho is Director and Project Room curator at Conduit Gallery in the Dallas Design District. She began working at Conduit Gallery in 2000 while studying Art and Art History at the University of North Texas in Denton. She took over the role as Project Room curator in 2003 and in that role, works with emerging and unrepresented artists, some of whom are exhibiting their artwork for the first time. 


Ingrid Ankerson – The Problem

Nina Ashraf – Meditations 2

Zoe Beaudry – To Be Safe

Robert Beras – Dream 56

Courtney Blackett – Judith Beheading Holofernes

Elizabeth Brandt – Knock Knock

Michael Breakiron – Space # 4

Alan Brown – Pied Piper

Jackie Brunsden – Grandstander


Doug Cannell – Gravity

$500 MFAC Award


Beth Charles – The Viewer

Molly Cooke – “Soft Like Moss and Roses”

Jay Constantine – The Trial in Kenosha

Donald Cronkhite – The Scarlet Veil

Liz Davis – Conversing with Velasquez and Matisse

Anthony Dedakis – Nature’s Embrace

Darrell Dinges – Reynolds #6

Kate Donoghue – Out of Season

Janice Dumas – Daffodils for Detroit

Michael Easley – “Beauty of Two Sides”

Jan Filarski – Ode to Pat

Xavi Francis – Nebula III

Zhiheng Gong – Puzzle Bowl 2

Debbie Grifka – Old Friends


Jeanette Hammerstein – at the the break of dawn

$2,000 MFAC Award


Steven Hauptman – Detroit Proud


Suzanne Hochberg – Shift

$250 MFAC Award


Sungwon Hong – Braces and Brackets

Tyler Howard – Cascading Sands


Mark Hunter – Human

$100 Blick Art Materials Giftcard


Jjenna Hupp Andrews – Mamma-Gaia Pieta

Aleea Jaques – “Clint”

Dorothy Jett-Carter – Dandelion

Hyehyun Jo – Precious memories

Jean Judd – Marbled Windows #1

Carl Kauffman – The Great Tower

Yunhee Kim – Good News

Douglas LaFerle – Chicken a la King

Claire Larkins – Sculpted by Time

Marti Liddle-Lameti – “Sacred Ancient Vessel”

Megan Major – Untitled

Mackenzie Matlen – Sanibel Sunset

Terry Matlen – The Flying Nuns Land in Nebraska

Melissa McIsaac – Lake Michigan Drift

John McLaughlin – Squeegee

Armin Mersmann – Pirouette

John Miller – After Lunch (coffee shop series #2)

Ron Moffitt – Where’s Roscoe


Carole Morisseau – Offering to the Sea (diptych)

$1,000 MFAC Award


John Albert Murphy – “God’s Plan”

Brian Nelson – Complex cell development with underlying results.

Brian Nelson – I cannot speak in this America (1/6/21)

Kate Neville – Owl Study #7

Kortney Niewierski – Rob the Grave to Snow the Cradle

Kortney Niewierski – Considerately Killing Me

Sarabeth Noggle – Clay Lick Road


Sarabeth Noggle – Damp Days

$100 Blick Art Materials Giftcard


Craig Paul Nowak – Notes and Observations

$500 BBAC President’s Award


Colleen O’Rourke – Fiona

Colleen O’Rourke – Took a Turn

Stone Peng – Milkweed pod# 3

Robert Piatek – Bert, Arnold & Edie

Ayaka Prenton – Enchant

Agnieszka Przyborowski – Age of Innocence

Bob Rahmanian – Bionic Flux

Meike Rapp-Ullmann – Desert Flower


Carolyn Reed Barritt – Ship

$300 Blick Art Materials Giftcard 


Christine Ritchie – Zingola Spring, Italia

Celeste Roe – Traces of the Season

Michael Ross – Cloud IV: In Transit


Philip Ruehle – Deflected Reflections

$250 Corinne Maillard Robinson Award


Jarie Saad Ruddy – Miracle on Belvidere Street II

Bill Schahfer – Foggy Morning on the Bayou

Sandra Sholl – Tea time and a mouse

Martin Skalski – I’m Mixed Up

Melinda Smith – The Unbearable Loneliness of Being

Steven Tapper – Inbalance

Scott Ward – Tension

Cat Washington – Red Sand

Ed Watkins – Preparing for the giant

Peggy Whiteley – Kitch Iti Kipi

Suzanne Wilson – Barcelona

Susan Wolocko Hassenrik – Succulent #5

Paige Young – The landscape that will become unfamiliar

Carol Zahn – Life Walks Series VI, “Just Be”