2023 MFAC Exhibiting Artists

Congratulations to the following artists whose artwork (as listed) has been juried in to this year’s Michigan Fine Arts Competition.

Juried by Cris Worley

Cris Worley, Juror, said, “Jurying an exhibition online is an interesting task. It narrows the selection process to almost an entirely formal approach….begging the singular question “does the work have an impact, or not?” In my own choices as a gallerist, I like to see a certain level of skill and knowledge of the material. If there are obvious conceptual or narrative components, that also plays a role. Aside from the awards given, there were many artists for which I would like to make acknowledgments, but at the end of the day, everyone here should be commended for dedicating themselves to a creative endeavor. Keep going!!!”


Susan Aaron-Taylor – Endangered: Red Wolf

$750 MFAC Award


Susan Aaron-Taylor – Endangered: Saola

Linda Allen – Cityscape Toronto

Valerie Allen – Rural Infrastructure V

Jerry Basierbe – Black Beach and Seven Rocks – Iceland

Zoe Beaudry – Oddkin

Vana Beginin – A Friend

Pi Benio – Knot

Robert Beras – Dream 47

Russell Bloomfield – Tune In T

Candace Brancik – A Million Miles Away

Elizabeth Brandt – Shadowplay

Elizabeth Brandt – Ricochet

Alan Brown – Beso de los Muertos

Anthony Cairo – Maria Del Mar

Barbara Melnik Carson – Perseverance

Lynda Cole – circle

Jay Constantine – The Whitmer Kidnap Plot

Donald Cronkhite – Storm Over Lake Erie

Liz Davis – Figures in a forest; ode to a Japanese woodblock; the gate

Melissa Day – Life Experience Becomes You

Anthony Dedakis – Nature’s Majesty

John Diephouse – Inside Looking Out

Jessica Dietz – Bonnet

Paula Doe – Flower Girl’s Dress

Patty Eisenbraun – Solitude

Sally Erickson Wilson – Shift: 2022

Timothy Fisher – Self Portrait

Deborah Friedman – Brody’s Counter

Lynn Galbreath – Fifty Six Second Weather Front

Lynn Galbreath – I-75 North

Garth Glazier – First Light

Hal Gould – Squatters Camp, Mexico

Hal Gould – Man with a White Cane. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Ken Graning – Schiawassee River

Cynthia Greig – CAPTURE

Debbie Grifka – Lake of Blankness

Janet Husband – Four Fish

Susan Jager – Margarita Time

Jean Judd – Prairie Leaf #1

Sujin Jung – Perme

Heather Kelly – Golden

Michael Koole – Feather 17

Julie Kroppe – Guinevere In Yellow Satin #1

Alan Larkin – The Major Arcana – The Fool

Stephany Latham – The Healing Fields

Eric Law – Conversation #2

Martha Liddle-Lameti – Forest Bathing

Kimberly LaVonne Luther – Double Neck Pitcher


Douglas Malone – Exile 2

$300 Blick Art Materials Award 


Anthony Marsalese – a little dab

Sally Matak – P Curve

Terry Matlen – Duke Takes Sister Louise to Disney World

John McLaughlin – Next to Nothing

Audra Melton – Atlantic Dab

Hannah Miller – I Would Very Much Like to Join

John Miller – encounter on the corner

John Albert Murphy – “Forest for the Trees….”


Sarah Nesbitt – Migration

$100 Blick Art Materials Award 


Colleen O’Rourke – Aoife

$100 Blick Art Materials Award 


Colleen O’Rourke – Sorcha


Susan O’Connor – Unload and Lock

$500 BBAC President’s Award


Candace Pappas – Self-Portrait with Bittersweet Vines

$250 Corinne Maillard Robinson Award


Lynn Parkllan – Rest in the grace of the world

Catherine Peet – The Forever Turning

Stone Peng – Splash

Agnieszka Przyborowski – Damian

Kimberly Raboin – Obscured Vision

Carolyn Reed Barritt – The Unbearable Weight of the Sun

Carolyn Reed Barritt – Hometown

Sandy Rice – Odile

Jesse Richard – Spring Storm Uprising


Kirk Roda – Emotion Basket

$1,000 MFAC Award


Philip Ruehle – Adamant Indecision

$500 MFAC Award


Robert Sandler – Dreaming

Mark Schumack – Rebel Girl

Savannah Sievers – Mykonos

Savannah Sievers – Ocean Moon

Heather Sisto – DUSTY DEATH

Maggie Smith – IfYouLookLongEnoughYouWillSee…

Jean Steed – Mabel

Laurie Tennent – Clematis Achenes

Stephanie Tyson Osorio – m. s.n.m. #1

Pat Vartanian – Tea Party

Stephanee Wallace – John and His Dog Cedar

Scott Ward – Drunken Robots I

Anne Wilkins – All in a row. . .

Sharon Will – Road Closed – unsigned

Rich Wiquist – Christopher


Jackson Wrede – Gillian

$2,000 MFAC Award