2021 MFAC Artists

Congratulations to the following artists whose artwork (as listed) has been juried in to this year’s Michigan Fine Arts Competition.

ARTISTS: Please scroll to the bottom of this list for a reminder of important dates!

Aaron-Taylor, Susan  /  Endangered:African Wild Painted Dog

Aaron-Taylor, Susan  /  Endangered:Black Footed Ferret

Agababian, Bruce  /  Lake Drive

Anderson, Libby  /  Frank Ocean

Aquino, Angelo  /  Deer Women

Ashraf, Nina  /  Sundays at home

Ault, Jill  /  Windblown

Bemis, Judith  /  Rations Day Sanzule Refugee Camp Ghana

Bennett, Christopher  /  Every Day I am Closer to the Light From Which I Came

Bennett, Michelle  /  Cheryl

Bennett, Michelle  /  The End of 4698

Bobier, Karen  /  Ingrained

Borowski, Gail  /  Fortunate

Bowen, Deborah  /  Mappping It Out

Brady, Lauren  /  Collisions

Campbell, Bruce  /  Fading mask

Canfield, Katrina  /  Man of the Kickapoo

Cannell, Doug  /  Path of Least Resistance

Carman Vian, Susan L.  /  Parachute -Party Dress Petticoat

Carson, Barbara Melnik  /  Exhale

Carvajal, Marta  /  Psyche

Carvajal, Marta  /  The 3 graces

Chandler, Noa  /  Harbor House

Chrzanowski, Winnie  /  Rainy Dah Dahlia

Cole, Lynda  /  Pink and Silver Leaf Relaxing on Indigo

Constantine, Jay  /  The Quakers of New Rochelle Refuse the Body of Thomas Paine

Cox, elizabeth  /  Street Scene

Cronkhite, Donald  /  Blue Crescendo

Czisny, Debbie  /  The Koi Pond

Dhyne, Bux  /  Lazy Boy

Donnelly, Patrice  /  Master’s Study

Doroh, Peter  /  Elegance

Doroh, Peter  /  Uninterested and Not Buying it

Dykehouse, Douglas  /  Two Spirits

Eisenbraun, Patty  /  Pear Chair

Eyde, Deborah  /  Guilty Pleasure

Eyde, Deborah  /  The Embrace

Farris, Lisa  /  Leaf Totem with Petals

Feldhauser, Daniel  /  The Legend

Flanagan, Nancy  /  HURON RIVER DRIVE

Fody, Shannon  /  “Rocky”

Frankland, Liz  /  Portrait in violet

Friedman, Deborah  /  Fall leaf

Friedman, Deborah  /  green envy

Gordon, Dennis  /  Winter Oak Leaves

Graydon, Heather  /  Seasons

Grieve, Candice  /  The Artist

Grieve, Candice  /  The Narrator

Hamlin, Rebecca  /  Ruffles and Bows 6

Hendrix, Mike  /  “Frederick”

Host, Laura Whitesides  /  Spring is Around the Corner

Hungerman, Elizabeth  /  greenhouse windows

Irving, Carol  /  Sunset During Isolation

Jackson, Meighen  /  Bacchus

Kendrick, Amanda  /  Second Skin

Kuchar, Seneca  /  GM cyl. 151 cu in. engine with electronic fuel injections

LaFerle, Douglas  /  Curiouser and Curiouser

Lewis, Matthew  /  Elaborate Edges

Mann, Valerie  /  Safety Net

Matlen, Mackenzie  /  Statue of Liberty 2

Matlen, Terry  /  Fez on Fire

Matlen, Terry  /  First Documented Case of PTSD

Mazer, Taylor  /  More Construction?

McGrath, Meghan  /  Drifting Back

McGuire, Gail Borgman  /  San Francisco Bay Marina

Moore, Elise  /  Remorse

Morisseau, Carole  /  Baber

Moroski, Dave  /  Out of the Flames (The Firebird Dress)

Moss, Alice  /  Ice Flow

Nelson, Brian  /  Cloud with downburst microcell (her breath for Delores)

Okoro, Cary  /  At The Art Museum, Member

Pearson, Jim  /  Forgotten Garden: Thistle

Quinn, Boyd  /  Situation

Rainer, Joshua  /  Home Good No. 1

Russell, Brenda  /  Exchange

Schlesinger, Jaye  /  2020

Schumack, Mark  /  The Mayor

Schuman, Mary  /  Nebula

Sekulich, Lawrence  /  A Distant Mirror

Sharbaugh, Charles  /  ROADSCAPE

Sharkey, Kyle  /  Altar I

Sievert, William  /  Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Michigan anymore.

Sukenic, Deborah  /  Twist

Timlin, Lynette  /  Reflections of Color

Whiteley, Peggy  /  Peony Passion

Youngman, Sara  /  Don’t y’all just love the weekends?

Zachara, Justine  /  Alki

Zeeuw, Diane  /  The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders



  • Intake of Accepted Artwork — Mon. – Fri. June 7 – 11, 10 am – 4pm

  • Award Notification (by email) — Thurs., June 17 (by the end of the day)

  • Exhibition Opens — Fri., June 18 (no formal opening due to pandemic)

  • Exhibition Closes — Thurs., Aug 19, 5pm

  • Exhibition Outtake — Fri., Aug. 20 & Sat., Aug. 21, 10am–4pm