spring 2019 class updates


Painting: Watercolor-Beginner/Level 1
Instructor: Diane Smith

This class is for the student who wants to learn more about watercolor painting. Building on
knowledge from the Introductory Watercolor Class, students taking this class will be well prepared
for the Intermediate Watercolor Class in the future. All materials are covered in fee.
In this class students will continue to learn:
– Composition through the use of still-life and landscape studies.
– Color theory using the value scale and mixing to create color-themed paintings.
– Watercolor techniques through instructor demonstrations and experiment with
  their own projects.

1112.23.03.19  Level 1
Tuesdays, April 9 – June 11
12:30 pm-3:30 pm, 10 sessions
$261 Members, $301 Guests, $55 Materials Fee


Painting: Introduction to Watercolor
Instructor: Diane Smith

This class is for the student who wants to learn about watercolor painting and has no experience.
In this class, students will:
– Learn about basic watercolor supplies (paint, paper and brushes.)
– Learn composition basics through still-life and landscape studies (basic painting exercises)
– Be introduced to color by using the value scale and experiment with mixing
– Learn basic watercolor techniques through instructor demonstrations and student applications

1112.13.02.19  Introductory Level
Mondays, April 8 – June 10
No class May 27
9:00 am – 12:00 pm, 9 sessions
$235 Members, $275 Guests, $55 Materials Fee

Painting: Mixed Watermedia – Wet & Wild 
Instructor: Laura Whitesides Host

This class allows students to expand their paintings by exploring and experimenting
with non-traditional mixed water media techniques to enrich the painting surface.
Traditional and experimental painters will benefit as they adapt these experiments into
their own painting styles. This class is also a great way to start painting for the student
who is willing to jump in and bring a sense of adventure. New and returning students welcome
as each semester offers something different.

1112.53.02.19 All Levels
Wednesdays, April 10 – June 12
7:00 pm-10:00 pm, 10 sessions
$261 Members, $301 Guests


Printmaking: Contemporary Intaglio
Instructor: Laura Beyer

This course will cover traditional and contemporary intaglio printmaking methods including zinc plate
etching, dry point, collagraph, and photo-sensitive plates. This class will also cover contemporary
processes such as monoprinting and image transfer techniques. This class is designed to be self-directed
and appropriate for all skill levels.

1115.53.03.19 All Levels
Thursdays, April 11 – May 23
6:00 pm-9:30 pm, 7 sessions
$213 Members, $253 Guests, $35 Materials Fee



Drawing & Painting Sampler, Mondays, 9am-12 pm; Instructor: Diane Smith
Painting: Intro to Brayer Painting, Thursdays, 7-10 pm; Instructor: Du Truong