2019 BBAC Student Show

BBAC: Current Student Works Competition 2019

This annual juried exhibition of BBAC student artwork is one of the most popular each year & a great showcase of the truly fabulous art produced here. Carl Wilson & Mary Rosseaux, jurors.

EXHIBIT DATES: January 26-February 28, 2019

Jury Results

Thanks to all for entering this year’s competition. The list below includes the artwork selected by the jurors – congratulations! 

Please note your name with the title of the artwork – some individuals entered two pieces that were both selected, so check carefully for your name AND title(s).

For artwork not selected, pick-up is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 18 & Sat., Jan. 19, 10am-4pm.

Alonzo, Richard — Morning Tea
Anderson, Bonnie — Zambia
Basse, Pnina — Neveh Zedek – Old Tel-Aviv
Bayson, Barbara — Framed Flowers
Bayson, Barbara — Woman Reclining
Benson, Karen — Hot to Trot
Benson, Marjie — Skins
Bergshwenger, Claudia — Untitled
Bloomberg, Mickey — 3 Boxes for a Million Little Things
Bloomberg, Mickey — For Mom
Boehman, Janis — Purple Passion
Bohlman, Diane — Tea for Two
Bolton, Maureen — Morning Light at Stonegable
Boothe, Dusty — Rain
Brill, Martin — Peter
Brodbeck, Sue — Sandy Bank
Brown, Janice — Dancing Fairy
Camp, Marjeanne — Pear Apart
Carson-McHale, Barbara — Bliss
Chiaravalli, Kathy — Sunflower Symphony
Chambers, Carol — Woman in Kimono
Chinsky, Eva — Blanc View
Clark, Sharon — Ancestral Presence
Connery, Thomas — Figure Study Four
Conyers, Krista — Into the Woods
Conyers, Krista — Kaleidoscope
Danovan, Chizuko Fukuda — Pathways
Dishell, Elissa — Portrait of a Man
Donabedian, Angela — The Waiting
Donabedian, Angela — What Wasn’t Before
Drotos, Jane — Summer Magic
Drotos, Jane — Welcome Home
Duce, Anthony — Old Soldier
Earle, Laura — Mom’s Copper Kettle
Earle, Laura — Nectarines
Fieger, Keenie — Untitled
Finnicum, William — Sugar & Creamer & Spoon
Fiorello, Susan — Caribbean Heat
Foles, Clyde — Alana/Purple Dress
Foles, Clyde — House on a River
Forrest, Susan — Walking on the Moon
Gardynik, Michele L. — Farmers Market
Goldstein, Sidney — Eastern Market
Gordon, Nancy — She Hated It
Gorelick, Arlene — Fordite Pendant
Halse, Dana — Balanced Ring
Halse, Dana — Quatrefoil Jewel Blue
Harris, Alexandra — Value Study Based on Armin Mermann’s Tree Photograph
Hartunian, Susan — Elephant Hero on Massai Mara Kenya
Hines, Dave — Cubbies
Hochthanner, Patricia Ann — Beautiful Moselle
Hochthanner, Patricia Ann — Yellowstone
Hong, Sookkyung — Bay City
Huckabay, Kristine — Indian Corn
Jacobs, Susan — Midday Break
Johnson, Kathy — Thank You Rosa!
Kahan, Ilene — Abstract
Kamins, Judith — Young Woman
Kazziha, Sahla — Embracing
Kocherovsky, Anna — Breadcrumbs
Kocherovsky, Anna — Seaweed
Kock, Ellen — Remembering the Old Man
Kosiba, Melissa — Three Stems
Kossak, Maria — Half Orbit Earrings
Kott, Nancy Schild — Branching
La Grasso, Cheri — Bowl
La Grasso, Cheri — Pitcher
Laker, Andrea — Flowers in Bloom
Lamson, Debbie Orthner — Poppy Fields
Lengel, Helen — Traffic
Levran, Joy — Figuratively Speaking
Lezos, Eleni — Lily
Li, Yuan — Under the Sun
Lipusch, Denise — Clouds
Lipusch, Denise — Poppies
MacLean, Brant — Sunderland Nocturne
Malinowski, Louise — Asian Winter
Malinowski, Louise — Royal Ring
Marinelli, Lilly — Nested in Nature
Marinelli, Lilly — Purple Haze
Marsalese, Anthony — Kardashian
Matheson, Lisa — Portrait of Jeanette
Matheson, Lisa — White Bounty
Maxson, Barbara — Through the Isinglass
Mercier, Rita — River Birches
Mercier, Rita — Spikes
Migdal, Mark S. — Order
Mills, Leigh Ann — Desert Heather
Mills, Leigh Ann — Out of Africa
Mindell, Judi — Tuscany
Mitchell, J. A. — Down Mexico Way
Mitchell, Susan — Gracy
Mitchell, Susan — Tuhquamenon Falls, UP
Morris, Catherine A. — Wanderlust
Morris, Jerry — For Lynn
Morris, Jerry — Ring Holder – Shout-Out to Maria Kossak
Murray, Pam — Box of Horns
Murray, Pam — Car Show
Neville, Kate — Poppy
Nystrom & Ruth Tyszka, Tracy — Vessel for Ruth
Oermann, Kim — Marcella in White
Oravec, Anastasia — #45
Oravec, Anastasia — Haven
Parker, Amy — Dorothy, Toto, and the Cowardly Lion on the Lam
Parkllan, Lynn — Bijou
Parsons, Cindy — Fall Colors on the Pond
Parsons, Cindy — Farm Market
Pennell, Susan — Table Art
Philippot, Rosalie — Untitled
Pratnicki, Christina R. — Fallen Leaves – Book
Ragon, Sondra J. — Through My Siberian Eyes
Rapson, Gail — Cleome
Rapson, Gail — Clue
Rubin, Steve — Untitled Ray, Al — Autumn on the Au Sable
Ray, Al — Beachwalk
Root, Valarie — Downtown Saginaw
Rubin, Steve — (Walk Way North) Hollyhead Park, Farmington Hills MI
Rubin, Steve — Dirt Rd. with Barn, Zeeb Rd., Lodi Township MI
Rutila, Ellen — Blue Marquise Enamel Pendant
Sameni, Mansoureh — Chasing the Shadow
Sameni, Mansoureh — Michigan Serenity
Santacreu, Margy — Circular Motion
Schahfer, Bill — Classic Car Show
Schneider, Mary — Loon Dish
Sherwin, Rhonda — Gravitation
Shiener, Karen — Orange and Teal
Shlom, Susan — Bed Rock Joy
Shomo, Diane — Sunrise
Sinanis, Stylianos — Lake in the Forest
Sjobring, Jessica — Unconditional
Southwood, Jennifer — Joie des Fleurs
Spiegel, Susanne — Dress Form
Spiegel, Susanne — Jump the Wave
Sprague, Karol — House in Galesburg
Stanesa, Jeanne — Glass Reflection
Stobbs, Beth — Jovian Moonrise
Stobbs, Beth — Polar Bear
Svensson, Sonia — Untitled
Svensson, Sonia — Vessel
Swann, Hope — Palos de Poder (Stick of Power)
Tapper, Patti — Red Cup
Tapper, Patti — Yellow Tulips
Tapper, Steven — Composition with Red Line
Toms, Sharon L. — Poppies at Middlethorpe Hall
Trombley, Chris — Pink Pathways
Troshynski, Kathie — The Glass Blower
Vergeldt, Vicki — Applesauce
Vick, Carol — Coldwater
Vick, Carol — Life’s Love
Vlasic, Helen — Modern Day Nefertiti
Wang, Yu-Huan — Blossom
Wang, Yu-Huan — Generation
Wayne, Cynthia — Fiesta, Santa Fe
Wayne, Cynthia — Ode to Charles Renie Mackintosh
Weiner, Margo — Untitled
Welton, Lisa — Untitled
Welton, Lisa — Untitled
Winnick, Wendy — Camila at 5 Weeks
Wu, Andrew — Boat Bowl
Yates, Cynthia — Red Maple @ Heritage Park