2017 student show

BBAC: Current Student Works Competition 2017

Susan Aaron-Taylor, Juror

Congratulations to the artists listed below whose work was juried in to this year’s exhibit, out of more than 300 entries. The show opens Fri, Jan 27, 6-8pm — the opening reception is free & open to the public; awards will be presented around 7p.

If you spot any errors, please phone ASAP – 248.644.0866.

If your artwork was not selected by the juror, you may pick it up: Thurs, Jan 19, Noon-5p; Fri, Jan 20, 10a-5p; Sat, Jan 21, 10a-3p. Please initial the form attached to your piece & leave it in the front office.

IMAGE above: Ice Island by Stylianos Sinanis

IMAGE on homepage: Forest for Trees (detail) by Karen Shiener


Alonzo, Richard – Richard

Anderson, Bonnie – Time Traveler

Baker, Barbara – Adam (above)    BLICK ART MATERIALS AWARD

Baker, Barbara – Going Fishing

Basse, Pnina – Untitled

Benson, Karen – It’s the Cards You’re Dealt

Berlucchi, Judy – Narcissus “Zira”

Bollin, Barbara – Honey Locust – Mid Fall

Boyer, Jacki – Pussycat

Brown, Jan – Levitation

Brown, Jan – Rain Shadows (above)     TAMA ACRYLIC MEDIUM AWARD

Buckner, Elizabeth – She

Cervantez, Vincent – Final Touch (above)    BBAC PRESIDENT’S AWARD

Christopher, Colleen – Del Beach

Christopher, Colleen – Thursday Afternoon

Conyers, Krista – Turquoise & Mixed Metal Cuff

Corrin, Rebecca S. – Onyx Dinner Ring

Cottrell, Maria – Morning Shadows

Cox, Elizabeth – My Rendition of Caravaggio’s “Death of a Virgin” (above)     MARTHA JO RUTHERFORD MEMORIAL AWARD

Croonen, Werner – At the Tuileries

Croonen, Werner – Dom- Cologne Cathedral

Daugherty, Judith – Necklace

Dugas, Suzanne – Mixed Metal Integration

Falk, Jo – Dreamcatcher

Fiorello, Susan – Ah Spain

Fleckenstein, Janie – Japanese Koi Water Garden

Gee, Stephanie – Oak Leaf No. 1

Goldsmith, Shelley – Beaded Belt

Goldsmith, Shelley – Tall Vessel (above)    RUNYON POTTERY SUPPLY AWARD

Gordon, Nancy – Gone, but not Forgotten

Gordon, Nancy – Her Last Hurrah

Hershman, Claudia – Memory

Hershman, Claudia – Uprooted

Hochthanner, Patricia – Dancing Into Fall

Hochthanner, Patricia – View From the Train

Hong, Sook Kyung – Untitled (above)    TAMA ACRYLIC MEDIUM AWARD

Hong, Sook Kyung – Waterfall

Huspek, Joanne – Woven Muir Beach

Kahan, Ilene – No Place Like Home

Kahan, Ilene – Our Town (above)    EVA BRIGGS AWARD

Kars, Suzanne – It’s all downhill from here

Kay, Joe – Anticipating Varenna, Italy

Kilgore, Bud – Oak Leaf Cluster

Kizy, Jalil – Sceptor Pendant

Kock, Ellen – Shut Up

Kossak, Maria – Graduated Full Persian Necklace (above)    C R HILL AWARD

LaChina, Laura – Tripping Kitty in Detroit

Langa, Jane – George

Levran, Joy – Untitled

Littrup, Martha Appledorn – Octopus’ Garden

Lockwood, Patrice – After the Party (above)    MILLERS ARTIST SUPPLY AWARD

Lockwood, Patrice – Tulips

MacLean, Brant – Brush Park Survivor

MacLean, Brant – Corktown Nocturnal (above)     MILLERS ARTIST SUPPLY AWARD

Marcotte, Maria – Frenemies

McDevitt, Nancy Carty – A Garden in Winter

McDevitt, Nancy Carty – Lilies & Orchids

McEwan, Connie – Gentle Eyes

McEwan, Connie – Yakety-Yak

Mills, Leigh Ann – Patriotic Blues

Mills, Leigh Ann – Stained Glass Wonder     MICHIGAN WEAVERS GUILD AWARD

Mitchell, Susan – Korean New Years Day

Morris, Jerry – Surprise

Munro, Judy – Waterfront  (above)    BLICK ART MATERIALS AWARD

Myer, John – Copper Insects     C R HILL AWARD

Naegeli, Virginia L. – Lily

Outen, Nancy – Standing Guard

Overby, Janine – Canadian Geese

Pavlicek, Jan – Untitled     MARCIA BOEHM MEMORIAL AWARD

Pennell, Susan – Among Trees

Remer, Jacqueline – Moving On

Robinson, Tara – Pit-Mix

Rothe, Gary – Mornings in the Garden

Ruth, R. Jean – Fractionated Wall, Rome (above)     BBAC EXHIBITION DIRECTOR’S AWARD

Ruth, R. Jean – Step into the Future

Santacreu, Margy – Epergne

Schleif, Gary – Vase

Schwarz-Seim, Minna – Branch & Crystal

Schwarz-Seim, Minna – Skewed Cubes

Seim, Darryl – Raised Vessel #5     ARMSTRONG TOOLS AWARD

Seim, Darryl – Raised Vessel #6

Shiener, Karen – Forest for Trees

Shiener, Karen – Sunset

Shomo, Diane – Sun Rise

Sobel, Audrey – Necklace     METALS DEPARTMENT AWARD

Spiegel, Susanne – Urban Light Trilogy (above)     ROVIN CERAMICS AWARD

Stanesa, Jeanne – Summer Bouquet

Staschke, Barbara – In the Woods

Stowe, Julie – X Marks the Spot

Stylianos, Sinanis – Ice Island

Suvak, Linda – Wild Ginger

Svensson, Sonia – Coupling

Tait, Kristen – Pink/Orange Shawl

Taylor, Virgil – Harmony

Troshynski, Kathie – Fourteen & Focused

Troshynski, Kathie – Going There

Vertrees, Mary – Pears

Vertrees, Mary – Sunflowers

Vick, Carol – #8

Vick, Carol – Carousel (above)    BBAC TUITION AWARD

Vidergar, Lad – Poppies

Vidergar, Lad – Self Portrait: 30 Years to Life

Wang, Yu-Huan – Dance

Wang, Yu-Huan – House of God

Wayne, Cynthia – Olive Yardage

Weinberger, Kaye – 50 Shades of Gray

Weiner, Margo – Untitled

Weiner, Margo – Untitled

Young, Susan – As Far as the Eye Can See


IMAGES BY Gwenn Rosseau


This is a juried exhibition, which means that submitted work is selected or not selected by the juror. You will see in the schedule below that artwork not selected must be retrieved after the jurying process.


Open to adult students,18 years and older, who have been enrolled in at least one BBAC class since Fall 2015. The following are NOT eligible: studio rentals, open studios, independent groups or faculty.


All media are eligible.  Limit two submissions per entrant.  Work must be current and reflect class experience.  Work previously exhibited at the BBAC will not be eligible.  All entries must be prepared in a professional manner and ready for installation [please consult your instructor with questions regarding wiring of 2D work], applications must be legible and prices will not be changed once show is installed.  We reserve the right to reject unprepared entries.

Fees & Sales:

The entry fee is $10.00 per student.  A 45% commission is charged on all exhibition sales.


  1. All work must be labeled on the back with the artists name and phone number.
  2. Individual entry forms must be completed for each submission [do not attach the application to the art].
  3. Work will not be accepted prior to the intake dates.


Every precaution will be taken to assure protection of entries.    Liability for works left after the pick-up dates will not be assumed by the BBAC. ** Work not collected on pick-up dates will incur a $10.00/day storage fee.


  • Monetary awards
  • BBAC tuition certificates
  • Gift Certificates
  • Eva Briggs Award: $1000.00 – awarded for the best 36”x36” abstract painting.


  Jan. 16, 17  [Mon – Tues]……………………. Intake: Robinson Gallery [10:00 AM – 3:00 PM]

  Jan. 18 [Wed] ………………………………….. Jury

  Jan. 20 [Fri] …………………………………….. Results posted at BBArtCenter.org

  Jan. 20 & 21 [Fri – Sat]……………………….. Pick up for work not juried in 10-4PM **

  Jan. 27 [Fri] …………………………………….. .Reception [6:00 – 8:00 PM] Award Presentation [7:00PM]

  Jan. 27 – March 2 [Thurs]…………………… Exhibition

  March 3  [Fri] …………………………………… Pick-up [10:00 AM – 5:00 PM]

  March 4 [Sat] ……………………………………  Pick-up [10:00 AM – 3:00 PM] **

QUESTIONS? 248.644.0866