New Class

Sculpture: Introduction to Stone Carving
Instructor: Autumn Bildson

Autumn is a Professional Stone Sculptor​ serving many private clients and also works 

for The Parade Company many months of the year.​

​Try your hand at stone sculpting this fall on Wednesday evenings, taught by professional sculptor, Autumn Bildson.​ Students will learn the basic elements of stone carving using hand tools to create a relief sculpture in limestone. The instructor will guide each student along the way to creating an exciting, finished piece! No previous experience necessary.

1116.31.01.17 Level 1 & Up
Wednesdays, September 13-December 6
6:30 pm-9:30 pm, 12 sessions
No Class November 29
$304 Members, $344 Guest, $40 Materials Fee

Begins Oct 12 w/Tracey Priska

Ceramics: Intro & Beginner 1
Instructor: Tracey Priska

​A great escape for Thursday evenings…​

Students will be introduced to a variety of clay forming methods and techniques such as pinching, coiling, slab-building and wheel-throwing. Basic ceramics tools and materials will be explored and/or discussed such as clay types, glazes and firing techniques.
No experience necessary for this class.
1104.21.01.17 Intro/ Level 1
Thursdays, October 12-December 14
No class November 23
6:30 pm-9:30 pm, 9 sessions
$228 Members, $268 Guests
$45 Materials/Studio Fee

Painting: Introduction to Oil

Instructor: Clara DeGalan

Experience Thursday afternoons luxuriating with oil paint…

This course aims to introduce students to the oil painting medium as a means of visual expression. Students will become familiar with the tools, techniques and materials required to successfully develop their own visual language in paint. Oil paint is a unique, powerful medium and its beauty and sensuality applies itself as potently to representational painting as it does to direct surface texture. The object of the course is to familiarize students with techniques that will enable them to translate their visual experience into the medium of oil paint, and to take that exploration to a more personal, instinctive place.

1112.11.01.17 Introductory Level

Thursdays, September 14-December 7

No class November 29

12:30-3:30pm, 12 sessions

$304 Members, $344 Guests, $25 Materials Fee

Printmaking Buffet

Instructor: Elizabeth Luidens

A nice overview of printmaking techniques!

This exciting course will explore the many varieties of printmaking techniques, including relief, collograph, monoprint, letterpress (movable type and magnesium die-cut printing), acrylic intaglio, and screenprinting. Students will have a chance to create prints from these various methods and have the hands-on experience to understand the different techniques.

1115.51.01.17  All Levels

Tuesdays, September 12-December 5

No class October 31

6:45 pm-9:45 pm, 12 sessions

$304 Members, $344 Guests, $45 Materials Fee

Jewelry/Metals: Sampler

Instructor: Department Faculty

​Great way to check out all the department has to offer! ​

This class is designed to introduce students to the metals department and its current faculty 
members, along with a variety of jewelry making techniques. In this class, students will make 
six projects including: a pierced pendant, forged steel bracelet, sterling bezel set ring, 
fold-formed copper bowl, and a bronze chainmaille bracelet with a precious metal clay clasp. 
Instruction for each project is aimed at the beginning level student and will be taught by a 
different metals instructor. All materials and supplies will be provided.

1108.51.03.17 All Levels

Wednesdays, September 13-December 6

No class November 29

7:00 pm-10:00 pm, 12 sessions

$304 Members, $344Guests, $60 Materials Fee