Renovations @ the BBAC


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Converting classroom studio & exhibit gallery lighting to LED

Lighting is obviously critical to art-making and art-looking, and we strive to provide the best quality encounters for everyone from the casual observer to the committed artist, upholding our vision statement “art for all.” This project contributes significantly to our sustainability in terms of cost and energy efficiencies. The annual savings to the BBAC is estimated to be more than $8,200. The projected lifespan of LED lights is 50,000 hours compared to 10,000 hours for fluorescent lights and 1,200 hours for incandescent lights (used most – BBAC galleries); the BBAC is open 60-100 hours per week, Monday through Saturday throughout the year.

We are grateful for grant funding from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs that contributed significantly to the project’s success.



Accessibility renovation

In 2015, the BBAC restructured its existing fiber studio to create a new venue for disability access as well as a new gallery wall to exhibit work from ArtAccess & youth programs students. This was accomplished with the support from the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs, The Fillipis Foundation, the Edward C. Levy & Linda Dresner Levy Foundation, & BBAC students Dave Hines & Connie McEwan.

finished 5 - Copy

The completed project is positively impacting our growing population of physically-challenged individuals while integrating access for all visitors & students; it allows the BBAC to reach out to new audiences who can benefit from the rich variety of programming available for special needs populations.  Additionally, we celebrate & showcase the art produced by ArtAccess participants & youth students ranging from PreK to high school. Classes in fiber arts & more continue behind the glass wall, giving visitors a view into a working art classroom studio.

Artwork by JARC!

JARC 2016 2  JARC 2016 3 (2)   JARC 2016 4

Here’s a brief photo tour of how it happened:

accessibility 2 accessibility 1

A “corridor” of the concrete floor was removed to create a ramp running the length of the studio with ADA-compliant elevation levels.

removed floor 1 - Copy  lower level, July 2015 2

L-no floor temporarily!  R-supporting scaffolding in the lower level below the studio

 floor w metal sheathing 3 - Copy  floor fresh pour 4 - Copy

L-the new floor with metal sheathing; R-fresh concrete pour

Jewelry Studio-5 for homepage box


Jewelry/Metals Studio renovation

This project, completed late-September 2014, was supported by the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs along with several individual donors. Aside from the much needed updating, the major changes also mean that we can now open this studio to individuals with special needs – something not possible before because we weren’t able to sufficiently isolate potentially dangerous equipment.

Jewelry Studio before renovation-2 sm BEFORE Jewelry Studio-2 sm AFTER Jewelry Studio before renovation-5 sm BEFOREJewelry Studio-8 sm AFTER Jewelry Studio-7 SM AFTER

THESE ARE ALL “AFTER” PHOTOS  Jewelry Studio-16 sm Jewelry Studio-13 sm Jewelry Studio-11 sm Jewelry Studio-10 sm Jewelry Studio-9 sm Jewelry Studio-6 sm Jewelry Studio-4 sm Jewelry Studio-3 sm Images by Gwenn Rosseau



2016 – repairs to the north entrance & south side of the building



2014 – parking lots & related walkways resurfaced